Questioning HERO #3:
Are HERO Proponents Discriminatory?

HERO proponents say they’re just trying to make Houston fair and open for everyone… but aren’t they the ones discriminating?

If you don’t think HERO advocates believe in discrimination, think again…

…and be sure to watch this video as I discuss a few of the more interesting responses to my videos #1 and #2 in opposition to HERO.

In case you missed video #1, you can view it HERE.

Video #2 is HERE.

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Question HERO (#2):
Why Are People Afraid to Criticize HERO?

Still not sure how you plan to vote on Proposition 1 (the so-called HERO ordinance)?

In this video, I explore the disturbing tactics that are being used to bludgeon opponents on this terrible law.

Do we want our kids to grow up in a city where they’re afraid that if they offend someone, or hurt someone’s feelings, that they might be thrown in jail?

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(You can watch video #1 in the series HERE)

Questioning the HERO Ordinance (#1):
Was My Family Discriminated Against?

(You can watch video #2 in this series HERE)

Apparently a few folks were confused about the point I was making in this first video… and they shared it anyway, which led to great comments like this…

Facebook comment about video

Thanks for proving my point, bro!



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P.S. – Off the Kuff has refused to published Carl’s website link and endorsements on the 2015 election pageIs that discrimination?  

Leave a comment if anything’s changed, but in the meantime be sure to read the deceptive notice at the top of the 2015 election pageHERE

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