Questioning the HERO Ordinance (#1):
Was My Family Discriminated Against?

(You can watch video #2 in this series HERE)

Apparently a few folks were confused about the point I was making in this first video… and they shared it anyway, which led to great comments like this…

Facebook comment about video

Thanks for proving my point, bro!



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P.S. – Off the Kuff has refused to published Carl’s website link and endorsements on the 2015 election pageIs that discrimination?  

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  1. Another question, are sex offenders discriminated against? Are convicted felons discriminated against?

    For many years, I was trying to get work, any work ( so long as it is legal). Never hired. Am I discriminated against? I am not a sex offender, I am not a convicted felon. I have a MBA ( no it is not Harvard, UT El Paso) and I get turned down. Too qualified?

    People get discriminated against for all kinds of reasons. What Carl should have noted ( and I could be accurate on this one ), how many “Straight People” were in that restaurant? I don’t think Carl has “Gaydar”.
    I have excellent “Gaydar”.

    Name the restaurant, time and place. You can send that info to me directly.

    Gays do discriminate against straights.

    • Carl Jarvis says

      It was a restaurant around the corner from where I live (in Montrose near the Menil Collection).

      I’d have to check my credit card statement to find the date, but it was shortly after the restaurant opened, sometime in the last 12 – 18 months.

      I’d rather not mention the name because it has since come under new management (go figure).

      In any case, we haven’t been back. I’ve suggested it, but my wife refuses. 🙂

      • you can get me the name directly. JoAnn Mc Cracken sent me the link to your site. Jo Ann knows me very well. my e-mail address is [removed]

        I promise you I will not release the name to anyone.

        But as you stated, the restaurant is in the Montrose neighborhood. Those people there do not want straight people in their neighborhood. I live in Montrose too. I know all about them. Actually I know too much.

        And I really should not say much further.

        • Thanks for a tiny bit of truth. That is what keeps evil going, deception. They cannot bear the truth. And they swallown us up in their darkness.

    • Oh, yes, gays do discriminate!! The Left and gays are not concerned with that…only with themselves.

  2. Mary M Jones says

    My husband and I are longtime residents of Houston TX. We went to school here and graduated from high schools here in the city. I cannot even believe in Houston TX that we are having to vote on such a perverse
    thing as the HERO ordinance. Dear Lord be with our city and it citizens. Chrisitians need to take a strong stand against this ordinance before it is too late.


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