“The Forgotten History that Helps You Rediscover the Promise of America…”

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Hi, my name is Carl Jarvis. I’m a former naval officer, a big fan of the Constitution, and author of The United States of Dysfunction.

I wrote The United States of Dysfunction to help Americans from all walks of life gain a better understanding of the political institutions that made our country great.

As a way to share with you my unique approach to American constitutional history, I wrote an email series called “Cutting Through the Noise: The Three Lost Dimensions of the American Constitution and How They Explain the Situation We Face Today.”

Among other points covered:

  • Why the Founding Fathers placed so much emphasis on representative government, and the key to recognizing whether we still adhere to this crucial principle…or not.
  • The #1 danger the Founding Fathers saw in “democracy”…and three facts showing that we may be living through their worst nightmare today.
  • The most important principle of “small r” republicanism, originally embodied in our Constitution, and how Progressive-Era reformers subverted the principle…without a constitutional amendment, Supreme Court ruling, or act of Congress.

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