The One, Simple Thing You Can Do to
Become the Leading Citizen
in Your Community…

…without running for office, quitting your day job,
or joining a protest…

Dear Leading Citizen,

Can you believe what’s happened to our country… just in the past few years?

It’s unbelievable.

Just read the news and you get the sense that we may be living through the last days of our Republic…

  • “NSA Collecting Records of Millions of Verizon Customers Daily” – Washington Post
  • “Obamacare Rollout: Greatest Scandal Ever?” – Chicago Sun-Times
  • “Congress Job Approval Rating Drops to All-Time Low for 2013” – Gallop

Several years ago – at the peak of the Great Credit Bubble of the mid-2000s – I was happily working in the financial sector without a care in the world…

Carl Jarvis Headshot

I was reading The Wall Street Journal and The Economist regularly for work…

And I was reading American history in my spare time…

Then, one weekend in mid-2006, I attended an economics conference that quite literally changed the course of my life.

I remember sitting in the conference room and feeling overcome by nausea as I realized that my job would not exist within a few short years…

I remember driving home that night feeling overwhelmed by the sheer immensity of the crisis we faced as a country…

Shortly after the conference, I set out on a quest to figure out how our country became such a mess…

Today, I’m looking for like-minded people who are as concerned as I am, and who want to take our country back… more on that in a moment.

Where We Stand Today

Today our country is overrun by self-proclaimed “defenders of the people,” political messiahs who will stop at nothing to get elected and reelected…

These people are destroying our country… and they’re counting on you to foot the bill.

So it’s no wonder that so many people are losing faith in our political institutions today…

You have those who say we need to overhaul our Constitution…

And then you have those who say we just need to elect the next Great Leader.

But most people are not seeing the bigger issue that ties all of these trends together…

The Founding Fathers gave us a Constitution so we wouldn’t need a king or a ruler…

Today, we’re on the verge of needing something like a dictator to clean up the mess that’s resulted from our rejection of the Constitution…

I’d like to share with you another way of thinking… a way of thinking that does not involve electing leaders or overturning the Constitution…

Here Are Three Ways You Can Buck the Trend…

I believe the information I’m about to share with you could make a difference in your life for the better, and I’ll explain why in a moment.

The great question which informs every political discussion today is whether the American people are capable of self-government or not.

This is the great question of our day… because virtually every human achievement – whether creative, entrepreneurial, or spiritual – hinges on the answer.

And whether you and I like it or not, we all have a role to play in answering the question.

If the question is simply whether we have self-government in the United States, I think that’s debatable.

We certainly have democracy, which seems to allow the people to vote and choose their leaders.

But whether we have self-government is a separate question.

Self-government requires ordinary citizens to engage in the political process in between elections.

And by “engage,” I don’t mean only helping candidates get elected, calling your congressman, or attending town meetings hosted by elected officials.

What I mean is working through existing political institutions to actually participate in the process of self-governance.

So what does that look like?

After a lot of research and reflection, I believe participation in a political party is the most effective way to engage in self-government.

You may be saying to yourself: “but political parties are EVIL!”

But the truth is, political parties were created to give ordinary people a voice…

Political parties were created to act as a check against those in power.

But political parties cannot serve their basic function unless ordinary people participate.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Look up your local party online.
  • Find a party club and attend the meetings… (if you’re totally unfamiliar with the party system, this is a great place to start).
  • Contact your local precinct chairman to get involved… you can even become the precinct chairman, if you so desire.
  • Learn how to become a delegate to a local, state, or national party convention… just learning the process is a great education on how our political process actually works.

Most people are not even aware that these opportunities exist.

In most cases, these positions are open to just about anyone willing step up and do the work.

But let’s forget for a moment about “what you can do for your country”…

Let’s talk about how these experiences will improve YOUR LIFE for the better.

What It Will Do for You

Especially if you’ve never been involved before, you’ll find any one of the above experiences eye-opening and rewarding.

  • You’ll gain respect as an effective leader in your community.
  • You’ll feel more connected with events that are happening around you.
  • You’ll gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the political process.
  • You’ll discover first-hand how to influence issues and make your voice heard.
  • You’ll develop lasting relationships that will improve your life outside the political arena.
  • Best of all, you’ll accomplish all of this – as promised – “without running for office, losing your soul, becoming one of Them, quitting your day job, or storming the ramparts in protest.”

In short, you’ll become a Leading Citizen – one of those “citizen heroes” future generations will revere and celebrate for helping to restore self-government in the United States…

If this all sounds like too much work, what I’ll say is this: you’ll be back soon, reviewing this again, once you wake up to how bad things are becoming in our country…

Here’s How to Make an Even Bigger Difference

There’s an even larger set of issues that go beyond your direct involvement in the political process…

Once we get folks like you involved, we need to begin to restore the institutions themselves to give ordinary people a voice in the political process once again.

I know this sounds like a big promise, so let me briefly say what I’m NOT talking about:

  • I’m not talking about a utopian reform or new ideology
  • I’m not talking about reforms to amend, overturn, or abolish the Constitution
  • I’m not talking about a plan to get a particular candidate elected.

The approach I’ve developed, which I share with you in The United States of Dysfunction, is rooted in the history of how our political process used to work.

The United States of Dysfunction - Book Cover

Around a century ago, political incumbents began stripping the checks and balances out of our political process.

The United States of Dysfunction looks at how they did it… and the kinds of things we can do today to reverse the damage they did.

On one level, the book’s mission is to get people thinking about the institutional aspects of the crisis we currently face…

On another level, the book is intended to restore people’s faith in our political institutions.

I want you to know: I don’t consider myself an unqualified optimist, but I do think there are things we can do to counter the trends we see unfolding before us.

The key is to get people to think of political institutions, rather than political personalities.

And I believe that if we do that – even with a small group of people – we can begin to counter the underlying cause for the despair and disillusionment that prevail today.

The United States of Dysfunction was not written to be discussed and debated in academia…

It was written to empower ordinary folks like you and I to make a difference.

Does that sound good?

If it does, go HERE to get your copy.


P.S. – If you click HERE , you’ll have a chance to preview the book… and if you’ve read this far, I guarantee The United States of Dysfunction speaks to your concerns and offers real solutions.

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